Metaxa Private Reserve

€ 69,95
The Metaxa Master's Private Reserve Exception Revealed
Once every year, the Metaxa Master Constantinos Raptis brings to life an extraordinary creation. From the House cellars, he selects ingredients that have matured patiently and are at the absolute peak of their expression. Carefully, he brings them together in a single batch to create METAXA Private Reserve. Every drop of this dark amber liquid reveals aromas of beautifully aged Muscat wines and of exquisite, aged wine distillates. Appearance Dark amber with honey reflections. 1st Bouquet Dried flowers with notes of oak. 2nd Bouquet Notes of old honey, bitter citrus peel, chocolate &coffee, mixture of sweet spices, pear compote. Palate Complex, warm and generous. Gentle oak, dried figs, raisins, tobacco, orange peel. Finish Long aftertaste of dried fruit (figs, plums), smoky, with a long aromatic finish.
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